Q1 How does a Safety Station vending machine work?

Q2 Can we use our existing cards with the Safety Station cashless systems?

Q3 How do I access the purchase records and reports of safety equipment dispensed?

Q4 Are there any limitations as to what personal protection equipment can be vended?

Q5 How much can I save on my personal protection equipment spend by using a PPE vending machine?

Q6 How does the safety machine communicate with the internet?

Q7 Does Safety Stations supply personal protection equipment?

Q8 How do I work out which products to put in?

Q9 Do the PPE vending machines require a lot of technical service?

Q10 How many machines would I need to create a vending solution for my site?

Q11 How can we record supply of larger items that won't fit in the machine?

Q12 What kind of reports does the inventory control systems site produce?

Q13 Do I need to buy a vending solution outright or can I lease a Safety Station?

Q14 Does Safety Stations supply the cards/fob keys for the cashless systems?

Q15 How do I learn to use the inventory control system?

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